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Triveni Group

Triveni Group is a well-known dream home developer in central suburb of Mumbai They have kept their legacy of more than 35 years intact by providing homes for many families. The first stepping stone of the Triveni Group was laid on 16th January 1986 with a team size of four visionary individuals, after the years of quality and continuous improvement as on today we stand strong with a team of 60 individuals working together to achieve one goal “Home is for every family”.

We leave no stone unturned to build beautiful, designer homes within budget. Our team believes in leadership, inspiring values, and unwavering determination. At Triveni Group we take pride in stating that have made 2200 families happy and satisfied by providing them their dream home exceeding their expectations.

Adding Values to Life

We believe in “Adding values to life.” Taking this belief forward, we build housing projects based on the modern community living concept where several homes or apartments are part of one common community or neighborhood. It is no secret that in a place like Mumbai homes are compact.

This is why we utilize the space judiciously so that you can make the most of it. Take a look at our vision, mission and value statement to understand our company better

Our Core Values


Trustworthy: You can trust us completely as we stick to our commitments.


Responsible: We build beautiful, modern, and quality homes responsibly.


Insightful: We are aware and have vast wealth of industry knowledge.


Visionary: We envision creating unique landmarks for superior community living.


Ethical: We maintain the highest standards of ethics and aesthetics while delivering consistently.


Notable: We have built a name through various flourishing home projects.


Industrious: We work tirelessly to fulfill the aspirations of home seekers.

Our Mission

Triveni Group with its dedicated team, in depth-knowledge and positive outlook is focused towards building world-class, safe and sustainable living environments for people who matter the most.

Our Vision

Build high-quality homes using the best resources.

Maintain professionalism, integrity and honesty.

Work with passion, commitment, and innovation

Maintain balance between quality and cost

Enhance quality of life for better living

Create successful partnerships for long term business


Contact Us On :
+91 8879004546